Episode II - Bicycle & The Mansion, pt. II - The Original Lights At Eleven - EP/Mixtape

A series that revisits selected pieces from the first Lights At Eleven EP/Mixtape (Originally released in 2012).

Owen Cassidy

4/6/20241 min read

The first of the tracks from the EP/Mixtape are available for listening on the MILTON STREET STUDIOS YouTube Channel. This button below will take you there, and that page is linked to my other LAE:// affiliated channel outlets.

Let's talk about the tracks on the album for a second.

I was sampling a TON around this time, but my goal was and always has been to make the samples non-recognizable. There's a big discussion to be had about all that, sampling's place in the grand scheme of music, and I never had the energy for it. It's subjective. It depends. It might as well be collage or some other form of artistic medium that requires assembly.

So, when done right, tastefully, well (again, all subjective), I'm pretty much ok with it all. Just don't try and claim it as your own piece. I really don't give a **** what the publishing companies and labels think. When it comes to that level of money-grabbing, they are not in a position to lecture any of us small-time audio scroungers.

This track ^ is called 'Bicycle'. I know for a fact it's got some Marvin Gaye, as well as, Santana & Animals As Leaders.

This track ^ is called 'The Mansion, Part II'. I think maybe some Gnarls Barkley, maybe some H.I.M., and for sure some Grandaddy.