Episode IV - Water Street, Sunday, & Memory Glitch - The Original Lights At Eleven - EP/Mixtape

A series that revisits selected pieces from the first Lights At Eleven EP/Mixtape (Originally released in 2012).

Owen Cassidy

4/11/20242 min read

Here's three more tracks from the EP/Mixtape. Check them out on the MILTON STREET STUDIOS YouTube Channel. These buttons below will take you there, and that page is linked to my other LAE:// affiliated channel outlets.

'Water Street'

Another KP3 screw-around turned export material. Finally found a good slap echo for the drums and thought the samples DO NOT align particularly well, I managed to capture the soundscape I found myself skating in every night.


Native Instruments, as I've talked about before had a Maschine app for iOS (I was rocking a 4s at the time, state of the art, man). This is another product of one of the internal drum kits, even that unmistakeable clap. Come to think of it, I think the only things I added to it in Ableton were the strings and piano. I think at one point I made an actual music video of an afternoon in the park for this track, although I have no idea what hard drive it's on.


The origin of the name/moniker LIGHTS AT ELEVEN comes from this one talk I had with my buddy Art at the skatepark one night after the lights turned off... you guessed it, at 11.

I said: 'So, lights at eleven, huh?'

Art said: 'Yup, lights at eleven.'

Pretty cool, right? In reality I thought it was dumb as hell at the time and I don't know why I felt the desire to use it as a moniker for my beats and music, but here we are, like 12 LAE:// streaming releases & 12-13 years later... and I think it's an absolutely perfect name.

Except for that one 'Lights Out at Eleven' song by that band 'Baby Animals' from the 90's... I'll admit, that bothers me.

'Memory Glitch'

Probably my least favorite. Not all was lost, but this felt like the weak one on the release. Just being honest with myself here. Still, more Ableton learning.