Episode V - Alleyway & Downhill At Night - The Original Lights At Eleven - EP/Mixtape

A series that revisits selected pieces from the first Lights At Eleven EP/Mixtape (Originally released in 2012).

4/14/20241 min read

Here's two more tracks from the EP/Mixtape. Check them out on the MILTON STREET STUDIOS YouTube Channel. These buttons below will take you there, and that page is linked to my other LAE:// affiliated channel outlets.

'Alleyway' & 'Downhill At Night'

They have to be described together and briefly, because you ought to take the time to listen to them. These two tracks are sonic portraits/representations of skateboarding. Referencing a skate spot and the sensation of cruising along. Both are KP3 products and thus, done live and on the fly. Some interesting samples were used for these, and they feature some real trance-like drum beats.