Episode VI - Park, When The Sun Rises, & Wish For You - The Original Lights At Eleven - EP/Mixtape

A series that revisits selected pieces from the first Lights At Eleven EP/Mixtape (Originally released in 2012).

4/14/20242 min read

Here's the last three tracks from the EP/Mixtape. Check them out on the MILTON STREET STUDIOS YouTube Channel. These buttons below will take you there, and that page is linked to my other LAE:// affiliated channel outlets.

Someone let Dre know, because here it is... THE FINAL EPISODE.

* Imaginary groans from an imaginary audience.


Less than 40 seconds. One sample, some scratching, and a shitty echo-drum loop from the Korg, but the level of trance and introspection this track gave me had me playing it back literally hundreds of times.

'When The Sun Rises'

KP3-assembled, even though the rhythm is off and one might say the samples don't exactly gel, I was absolutely in love with them and it sets up a great intro track. Again there's a video of me skating to these somewhere, and I hope I come across it one day.

'Wish For You'

Ableton-made with a ton of samples from different places of listening nostalgia. I was so proud of this one, it just had to be the ender. It really came together well, a chaotic mix, but the samples played along in our favor. That only happens once in a while, I don't care if you're DJ Shadow or J-Dilla. The experience of making this mixtape really inspired me to keep making electronic music, even though I've always been kind of a punk-rocker, guitar type. But the things I loved about that aggressive and out-of-control sound were ultimately very much present in the music I was creating now. It became clear to me that the DIY aspect and independence of self-producing were the most attractive concepts, and the music itself was just tied to the emotions or messages or vibes that I wanted to articulate via sound. It was about making things/music that mattered to me. Feeling that power of agency and not relying on the record industry or other entities like the labels and mega-producers want you to believe that you need. The truth is, we don't need them. We never have, and we never will.