In The Cold Light/Heat Of Day

New LAE:// album available on streaming platforms!

Owen Cassidy

3/26/20241 min read

And so the time has come.

Today my new ambient/post-rock/synth album is starting to appear on all the major streaming platforms. You can access my profiles directly via the website, but I will link the album itself here below:




I'd like to thank my good friend and collaborator, Tre Guzardo, for helping me with the final mixing, mastering, and FX on this record. It's been difficult for me the last few releases to even consider letting my work be handled by someone else. But I gotta give it up to my bro, Tre, because this record ultimately sounds better than anything I could have forged entirely by myself. He's also great emotional support as well. Thank you, my friend. @treguz

Anyway, that's pretty much it. Give it a listen! And since the days of independent artists getting paid for their music are all but over, please consider donating what you can. It's super appreciated, and seriously helps in the production of new works. - Owen AKA LAE://