An Outer Void Mosaic Design Experiment gone horribly right.

Owen Cassidy

3/22/20241 min read

A couple years ago now, before I moved to Uruguay, my good friend and long time creative partner & instigator from the art + music collective (disaster) 'Outer Void Mosaic', Fede Rivera and I started this design project called: 'THIS RECORD DOES NOT EXIST'. We had big dreams for it, but it was mostly just a lot of fun. And for me, fun, begets ambition.

Basically it's exactly what it sounds like. We make up a band name & create a fake album title, then write a super short review (more like list of insults) for the overall sound of the work. Artists include the likes of: 'Chernobyl Strawberry', 'Flash Ramsey', and the infamous 'Sapo'.

We wanted to create albums that we ourselves might actually buy, at least to make fun of based on the artwork. The reviews are better than anything Pitchfork could ever come up with. And they cut deeper than the deepest Fantano shots. Catchy, cringe, and sometimes culturally insensitive. But always fun to make.

Anyways, I'll keep it short so you can enjoy the posters, and spend your time chuckling at the reviews we came up with.