Welcome to the LIGHTS AT ELEVEN creative hub, where unconventionality achieves balance with impactful and informed design. I specialize in crafting powerful visuals that serve unique functions, and push the conventional notions and boundaries by which designers are often impeded.

What I offer is a diverse range of design services tailored to meet your needs. From audio-visual & video creation to web & print graphics, every project is created with unique experience and design thinking in mind.

I'm inspired and interested by so many things (far too many to list). Meta-modern aesthetics, countercultures, surreal visions, are big influences on my design perspectives. Whether you're a small (or big) business or a creative entrepreneur, I am here to help you stand out in the digital landscape.

Let's transform your vision into reality (or create one together) to make your mark online and out in the world.



I'm a musician, designer, and aspiring educator now based in Montevideo, Uruguay. Through various audio-visual mediums, I strive to question and influence human perception of what is seen and what is heard. I hold an MFA in Graphic Design from Vermont College of Fine Arts and a BFA in Communication Design from Schreiner University.

I'm interested in the relationship between audio and visual. I have worked on projects as a producer, audio engineer, and musician, focusing on cinematic sounds, unique textures, and memorable performances. I design my own software instruments, FX chains, and generative music programming systems, creating electronic element-dominated music and corresponding visuals that make use of both analog and digital input methods, as well as found sounds and manipulated samples from various digital media.

I am a strong believer in DIY ethic, culture, and attitude, self-publishing books, designing multimedia visual albums, and curating an ever-growing catalog of music and sound design work. I enjoy producing music for others, album cover design, photography, and songwriting.